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How outside the shape came to be

As the owner of Outside The Shape people ask me every day, "How did you get into this?" I have never really been sure how to answer this question! I have always known that a conventional job was never going to be for me, so I starting spending all my time thinking about what I love, what I value & what I know my strengths are. Overtime a blurry vision of O.T.S came into view. It was always a pipe dream - until it wasn't! I found the perfect spot and I took a huge leap. I quit my job, put every penny into fixing up the property and started curating artists, creators and makers. From there Outside The shape became my reality. It has grown, changed, and transformed so many times and I couldn't be more thankful for the incredibly inspiring and supportive people I get to work with every single day.  

In June things took a bit of a turn and I decided to close my current brick and mortar. There were so many reasons that lead to this decision and it was an impossible one to to make but it was also the right one. Outside The Shape is currently just an online boutique with the occasional pop up and market but I am working incredibly hard to find a perfect new home for the shop to recreate and reinvent everything OTS means. We are so grateful for the ongoing support and love through this transition period!

- Francesca Berretti-Bullen

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