100 INK ANIMALS oracle deck

100 INK ANIMALS oracle deck


100 INK ANIMALS oracle deck - Animal Oracle 100 Cards Animal Tarot Modern Deck Non-Binary Cartomancy Divination Symbolism Science Animals.

Designed and Created by Jessica Gowling of Natures my Friend

Explore the magic of the animal kingdom with the art of divination. Using imagery, science, symbolism and non-binary language, learn more about both yourself and animals with this thoughtful oracle deck.

The 100 INK ANIMALS oracle deck features gorgeous monochromatic illustrations, high quality linen cardstock with air pockets, and simple language that make readings easy, approachable and straight-forward. Each deck has 100 cards, housed in a sturdy rigid box, and comes with an accompanying 125 page guidebook.

The oracle contains 100 detailed ink illustrations of animals, each featured on their own card with their name and symbolic power word. Printed on linen finish cardstock with air pockets; they have the same durability and feel of classic playing cards, making them reliable and easy to shuffle. All 100 cards come in a custom tuck box for safe keeping.

The accompanying guidebook has 125 pages containing animal facts & symbolism, as well as reversed and upright meanings. Animals are listed alphabetically for easy reference. The guidebook also includes an introduction to cartomancy with helpful tips on how to prepare for a reading, suggestions on shuffling and interpreting your cards, plus ways to enhance your divination practice for accuracy.

These high quality cards are 2.5" x 3.5" - the same size and finish as classic Bicycle playing cards: thick cardstock, air pockets and smooth linen finish makes shuffling a dream. Never worry bending bend or creasing corners like other low quality decks. All 100 cards sit comfortably in a protective rigid box made of thick cardboard with a smooth matte finish.

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