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Local Canadian makers, creators & artists

”Creativity is intelligence having fun!” - Albert Einstein

Drops Of Gratitude Ashleigh Amber Moore Greta Jane Paper Co. Jennifer Joan Skin Care

Ill Leather Simply Polished Life Lost In Layers AME Collective

Jill Paddock Art Needle and Pine LND Art 35LTD.

Man Day Grooming Dotted Purls Mels Metal Market Polypharmakon Essential Oils

TISH Jewelry Nourish Sweat Soul Naturapure D.I.T.R.O Apparel

Talee Anthology 35 Mynthia Ceramics Lemon and Leaf Design

Herbologie Village Craft Co. Stoneground Paint Wrinkle & Crease

Sarjesa Good Trade Coffee The Better Farm Co Calista Prints

Ox Eye Floral Noise And Feather Franky Rose Jewellery M. Stahl Creations

Carry You With Me Lauren Mary Holistics Nine Realms Woodworking Design By Streetlight

Mochotto Ceramics Rinse and Repeat Candles Elena Markelova Mindful Adornments

Lively Folk Candles 100 Ink Animals Le Lou Ula Nail Polish