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Embroidery workshop with Floral and Floss

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Embroidery is on the rise, and for good reason! It’s a relaxing and timeless art which requires little setup and few tools. What it does require is a bit of know-how, patience, and a few tricks to master your needle and floss.  This workshop will take you through the complete process of creating your own 7” embroidery hoop, exploring various ways to make the class pattern your own. 


Alex of Florals and Floss will teach students to make a 7” floral embroidery hoop. Two similar patterns will be provided and we will discuss various ways to transfer patterns to fabric, fundamental embroidery stitches, tips and tricks, finishing techniques to display your hoop, Alex’s favorite products and fabrics and where to find them. Students will be given a large selection of embroidery floss colors to choose from. All materials are provided for the class, as well as the materials needed to complete the project at home. at the end of class you will be able to purchase additional supplies to take home. This is a beginner class but all experience levels are welcome. 

NOTE: Students will learn the key skills required to complete the workshop pattern. Since embroidery is a relaxing art to be enjoyed at a personalized pace, some work may be required outside of class to complete the project. 

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