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Flower Reading Gathering - With Jill Sodero, Intuitive Teacher and Healer, B.Ed.

  • outside the shape 1222 10 Avenue Southeast Calgary, AB, T2G 0W7 Canada (map)

Did you know that your essence is left on things you touch, and that this essence can say a lot about you?

Ready to discover through the use of flowers what your essence is saying, and learn more about your soul journey and better understand your current life circumstances and challenges?

If so, a Flower Reading Gathering may be perfect for you.

A Flower Reading is a fun and insightful gathering of 10 people.  Flowers are read by Jill Sodero, Gifted Intuitive Teacher and Healer, to communicate spiritual insights and accurate personal truths.  Each person brings his or her own flower anonymously and receives an intuitive reading and brief energetic spiritual healing.

What To Expect                                                                    

Before meeting for the gathering, each person spends approximately 10 minutes connecting with the flower so that his or her energy is left on the flower.  A host will welcome you into our sacred space and help you get settled.  Everyone sets their flower down on a table.  Jill then comes into the room, not having seen who brought which flower.  She gives a brief introduction, and then begins reading, one by one, the energy left on each flower by the individual.

The Flower Reading is Designed to:

·      reveal insights about a person’s character, challenges and soul path

·      give practical advice relevant to what is going on in his or her life

·      provide a brief spiritual energetic healing


Brief Spiritual Energetic Healing

Energy communicates.  Everything is energetic and contains consciousness, and energy can be realigned to realize greater flow.  For each person, Jill does a scan of the chakras, aura and energy systems, allowing for powerful energetic rebalancing, alignment and healing.

Investment: is $35 +gst ($36.75) per person.  Special Savings!   Regular price is $50 + gst/person.

To Register and Pay:

•   go to and provide your information and indicate that you are coming to the July 19, 2017 Flower Reading (if booking for others, include their info)

pay by bank etransfer to (security response “flower”) or PayPal. 

Guidelines for Participants:

·      Choose a flower that speaks to you to bring to the gathering.  It can be from the garden or a florist.

·      Be the only one to touch it, and ask permission of the flower to use it to open up the energetic connection.

·      Before coming to the gathering, hold the flower for 10 minutes. More if desired.

·      You can meditate if you would like or simply infuse the flower with your energy.  Whatever feels right to you.

·      You will be provided with paper at the reading to capture personal notes on you reading.  Writing is a way to connect with the messages and their energy, and you will then be able to revisit the messages and spiritual energy again and again. 

·      Arrive to the gathering 15 minutes early (be there at 6:30 pm), place the flower on the table, and sign in.  Do not show your flower to Jill.  Your host will greet you and help you to get settled in our sacred space.

·      Come open and ready to receive intuitive insights and healing.


What Past Participants are Saying!

 “Jill’s intuition inspired all of us to a deeper level of understanding.  Our group had no experience or expectations of a Flower Reading, so we were open.  We all took notes during each other’s readings, which we were then able to share in detail.  We were astonished by the accuracy of the information!  The Flower Reading with Jill is another confirmation that there is divine consciousness in action!  Her warm, soothing, healing energy attracts the moment you meet her.  Highly recommended!” 

~ Darlene H

“I hadn’t heard of a Flower Reading before.  Jill read our energy from our flowers and was able to describe, in great detail, the personalities of each person as they related to the look, color and other aspects of the flower.  My daughter and I both had readings.  They were very accurate and affirming! 

Jill validated that we are all connected and that there is a divine wisdom accessible if the channel is free of judgment and ego. Her gift of intuition allows her to communicate aspects of ourselves that may be hidden from us or forgotten.  A very insightful and helpful reading! Without a doubt, try a Flower Reading!”  ~ Melissa Hoegler, Owner, BC Plant Health Care

“I wanted to say thank you for tonight’s Flower Reading.  The things you said really spoke to me!  It wasn’t just what you said to me, but the things you said to the rest of the group, too.  I left your Flower Reading with a renewed sense of confidence, and a solid sense of how much I love myself and how capable I am.  I has so many ah-ha moments.  Thank you for helping me to see and learn new things about myself and my path.  I know that this is the beginning of something exciting for me and I am greatly appreciative for the role you have played.  Thank you.” ~ Anonymous

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