The Summer That Flew By...




I’ll be completely honest, I had a bunch of blog posts that I had drafted while I will closing the shop back in June. I planned on keeping everyone in the loop, sharing my experience and being open about what was next.  

But then my hard drive crashed (again) and I lost it all because I will never learn to back up my laptop no matter how many times I have lost important work. (PS. If anyone needs a magical computer man let me know, I have a guy)

Maybe I took it as a sign from the universe to just take a chill pill or maybe it was down to my lazy ambition, but more or less I decided to go radio silence other than a few IG posts to keep everyone informed I was still alive and kicking. 


Closing my brick and mortar was an impossible decision, however it was also the right choice at the time. My little old house has run its course and it was absolutely time to move on. I didn’t know what was next and that was the hardest part. Taking a leap into the abyss with no landing pad is not an easy choice to make. 


I could have potentially stayed where I was and things would have been more or less the same until I was forced out which could be two months or two years… Who knows! But staying there was not bringing anything positive to my life or my business. Knowing that I had outgrown the space probably a year prior, staying was just no longer a possibility. 


I thought I had a great option to fall into for the autumn but that space crashed and burned as fast as it came to be with a ridiculous “non compete” against London Drugs (clearly we are SO similar…).

Floating back in no man’s land I decided to actually work on the online shop an see what that world was like… Well its fine, you are all wonderful still supporting a little bit of what we do with sales but it does not fill my soul at all. I hate the impersonal process and really I cannot imagine running my business strictly online. I Would absolutely turn into that crazy lady who lives in a romper and orders groceries online leaving the house once a month. Nope – not an option.


I must admit, being able to take a break during summer was very lovely. Traveling and spending time at my new house and with family was so special… but also so busy. Enjoying cabin life out in Osoyos and Shuswap is always magical. Could there be anything better than having nothing to do at the lake? I don’t think so. We also took off for Europe for a couple weeks to visit family and attend a very special wedding.  How the time flew by is still beyond me  - oh summer. 


Moving on, there was another potential space that came into play early August but that also fell through which was so disappointing. The problem is I am looking for something a bit “bigger picture” – yes, bigger in size but also bigger in concept. I am not going to settle for a space that won’t allow OTS to grow into what I see for it down the line. So that takes time… and apparently perseverance. I guess that means hold tight, but don’t hold your breath. 

Things are coming together, ideas are swirling and things have been moving behind the scenes. Things are different, the city is changing, the local movement has boomed and I am so grateful to have been a part of that, but it is also time to expand.

Forced growth is never easy, usually it feels unfair and uncomfortable. I can attest to that… but hopefully it will all be for the best in the end. 


So for now, that’s our update… That’s what has been going on in our little world. We are not trying to fade into the background – more so navigate in a new direction and regain that wind under our sails. 

Thank you for reading, for following along and for supporting us. We miss your face and hopefully soon we will be able to get together sooner rather than later.  


Outside The shape 

(Francesca & George)