Celebrating some incredible new talent - Welcome to the OTS Family - Written by Emilie

We are so excited and honoured to be welcoming some incredible talented new vendors into the shop! With the season finally turning over and the warmer weather finally (hopefully) blessing us with its company its nice to have some fresh work in our little shop.

We wanted to dive in a bit deeper and tell you more about some new faces (and work) you can find at our little boutique! Happy May!

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Sophia Dorozio & Tayler Schenkeveld Art


New vendors alert! We are glad to welcome Sophia Dorozio’s and Tayler Schenkeved’s art to our Inglewood local arts store. Sophia and Tayler both work from their respective studios, right here in Calgary.  


Sophia Dorozio’s pieces are one of a kind resin and ink based abstract paintings, which she creates in a variety of sizes. Her work instantly makes me feel like I am looking at the natural world. The landscapes are quiet and calm: reminiscent of clouds, oceans, the cosmos, a flowery field, and more. 


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Her use of colour mixing is incredibly varied, and she has many colour schemes that she works with (something for everyone!). What I really like about her work is that she also steps away from the traditional square painting, having experimented with circles and elongated rectangles, which allows the owner of the piece to fill odd wall spaces in their home in a unique way.  

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Sophia’s pieces are great additions to a gallery wall, propped up on a shelf, or as a bold statement piece in one’s home. 

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Tayler Schevenkeveld is self-taught Metis artist, who also works as an Art Therapist and Indigenous Cultural Support Specialist. Tayler’s pieces, though wildly different from Sophia’s, also deal with the natural world. The common theme of white ink on a black background, instantly makes her work recognizable. Her imagery is that of animals, plant life and the cosmos, all of which revolve around the geometry of the circle, a shape that has no beginning or end. 

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The images speak of the gentleness and calm of the earth, the circle of life, natural cycles and the connection between all beings. Although the white on black may seem bold, her pieces contain a calm which is accentuated by the tiny details present in her works. 

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You can find Sophia and Tayler’s work on Instagram @sdorozioart and @tayschenkeveld. To see their pieces in person, please come by Outside the Shape!


Third Wheel Ceramics


            Here at Outside the Shape, we have been drooling over Third Wheel Ceramics’ pieces since we met them at the New Craft Coalition show in April, and now happily carry their work in store! 

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Third Wheel Ceramics is a company based right here in Calgary, owned and operated by a duo of sisters: Khiha and Sable Macfarlane. These two lovely ladies create ceramic dishware, planters and decorative items, each in their own unique styles. Each piece is made with the utmost care and creativity.

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 I love that their pieces are so varied in style, allowing interested buyers to find what is perfectly suited for them. Working with a variety of colour schemes, imagery, shapes and  types of vessels, Third Wheel Ceramics caters to all tastes.

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 In my opinion, ceramics need to feel right when held in one’s hands, as they are incredibly tactile objects. Their pieces do just that. The weight and shapes the sisters work to create through their vessels inspire a massive sense of comfort. 

To see what other kind of work Khiha and Sable make, check them out on Instagram @thirdwheelceramics. 

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